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re: Something similar to what exactly?

Well, Like how about your app is an voice converter app, so that give you access to microphone and now you have to write a module that record voice in background and search for keywords in speech and then send adds according to that. (Very hypothetically but still) 😬


Wouldn't say it's hypothetical. I'm certain stuff like this and much worse is already happening.

With the current situation (good job-market) I would certainly not continue on that project. (You know, were I smart enough to work on things like voice-detection in the first place 🙃)

I can't say how more dire circumstances would influence that, but recording voices in the background is already pretty unethical and I'd draw my line much earlier.
(I wouldn't work for ads/gambling/drugs/military.)

I already have mixed feelings about all the e-commerce-front-ends I worked on ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Well, in Europe it would be flat out illegal thanks to GDPR.

If you're on a mobile platform and have any kind of sensible quality assurance, it will get blocked there because it will kill the battery life of the phone, and there's no better way to kill your install base as an app developer than to be sucking up your users' battery.

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