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ReactJs is one of the most favoured and popular front end development library based on Javascript programming language for developing innovate user interfaces for single page applications.
One of the best choices of developers,it allows developers to create reusable UI components which help in fast development.
Now let's have a look at the pros and cons of ReactJs.

  • Virtual DOM
    Reactjs has a virtual DOM which improves app performance by
    allowing a page to immediately receive a response from the
    server and display updates. Each time a change is triggered,the
    entire virtual DOM is updated hence increasing the efficiency of

  • Reuseable Components
    ReactJs supports reusable components i.e. once a UI component
    is created,it can be used in other parts of code or even in
    different projects with little or no changes.
    While developing a ReactJS app,it is possible to use open-source
    libraries of pre-built components.This helps to cut down the
    time required for UI development.

  • Downward Data Flow
    Thee one-way data flow in ReactJs is one more feature
    developers consider beneficial. This data flow is also called
    top to bottom or parent to child. It means there is only one way
    data transmission between the elements in a ReactJs
    application. A downward data flow prevents errors and

    facilitates debugging.

  • Huge Community
    The ReactJs community supplies tons of valuable libraries that
    facilitates the ReactJs development process. ReactJs libraries
    provide developers with new possibilities and ways to improve
    the quality of their code and apps. Since ReactJs developers
    often share the libraries with ready to use components,there is
    an opportunity to implement some of them in your own application
    and reduce the time required for development.

  • React Developer Tools
    React Developer Tools is an extension for Chrome and Firefox
    that provides a set of inspection widgets to facilitate
    development. The extensions simplify debugging, allowing
    developers to search through a list of all components and view
    deeply nested components straight in a browser.


  • Poor Documentation
    Documentation of ReactJs and its related libraries is often
    lacking. Developers tend to release updates to libraries without
    updating the documentation. This makes it hard for others to get
    acquainted with new features and integrate libraries.

  • JSX
    Yes, JSX is a barrier as it is complex for new developers to
    understand its complexity correctly and work on the projects
    like a pro.
    In fact,JSX is suitable for ReactJs,in many cases.It enables
    developers to mix up HTML and Javascript together while it may
    provide bad experience to the fresher.

  • View Part
    As ReactJs is used for developing the dynamic user interface,it
    has good reasons behind,but it has some adverse impact as well.
    For example, developers need to rely on other technologies as

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