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Discussion on: 5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio 📂

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Jakub Sarnowski

I can't count how many apps I built where the only utility was the chance to apply a new technology that just came out.

That's exactly what I've said 😃

Stop repeating falsehoods based on your 'opinion.' This is based on fact--build apps, build your portfolio and you will get ahead in your career.

It's just my opinion, you can disagree with it, just like I can disagree with yours 😃

Yes--they need to grasp the technology by building apps before they build products. This is what this post is about.

No, they can build products and learn by doing it. No need to create apps just for portfolio. Your portfolio should consist of built products, not example projects for learning purposes. They might work for some of the employers, but clients don't care.

But again, this is just my opinion 😃

There's no need to reiterate your opinion again.

I'm just trying to explain as I clearly see that you don't get my point 😃

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