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I can't stand GitLab, it's so freakin' slow :(


If you think gitlab is slow then you have not seen jira...

Jira is like 10x slower then the slowest gitlab I have used.

We use a hosted version of gitlab and it is as fast a github for e.


I've also used Jira and I agree - it's even slower than public hosted GitLab :D


+1 for self hosted gitlab vs GitHub, I agree


Right, The Gitlab is very slow compared to github, and I can't use circleci on Gitlab.


We self-host Gitlab, I have worked on external projects that use gitlab's own hosted version and I agree it is SO SLOW. The two aren't even comparable.


I was always curious if self-hosted version of GitLab is better than the hosted one! Thanks for info :)

No problem!

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