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I have gotten through my 8th week during my bootcamp experience. Oh man! It’s been a rollercoaster… As I mentioned on my first blog post I started my bootcamp with Flatiron School knowing literally zero about tech and all this different world. Now I know the basics of Ruby, It’s a technical language for sure and I have to say it has not been easy for me to learn this! But I have something really cool to share and that is I have built my first CLI application!


Now let me tell you how fascinating is my Movie Tracker Command Line Interface Application, let me take a step back and tell you about what were my project requirements.

  1. I Gathered Data from an API (Application Programing Interface)
  2. Create a CLI application(how easy!)

Let’s start! So where did I start? I needed an API so I started my research and found a website called RapidAPI, you can find any type of API you’d like, I thought making a Movie Tracker, I thought is a good idea for my very first CLI app, It was going to be simple and a very good way to provide clean code.

So now the cool stuff begins!

I started with my BUNDLER GEM set up, I went to my XCODE terminal and typed “bundle gem movie_tracker” and it created most of my files, once my workspace opened on my VSCO I created my three class.rb. Once I started putting code on the files I was getting a better idea of what I was creating...Is a very simple not too long application, I tried to be as clean but creative on my code always giving the right commands to it. I feel very accomplished with what i’ve done. My Movie Tracker CLI app, searches for any type of movie you want to see, first you will see a WELCOME message, followed by two more messages “Get ready to find a movie!” and “Enter a movie title or type exit” if you look for a title you will find the movie you want to watch plus some extra information about the movie like Type, Year and IMDb; after you see this information you get to have the option to select one movie from the options you have, you will give the number of the option to the Movie you want to see and more information about it will be display such as Plot, Genres, Director, Actors and Runtime after that my loop keeps going and you can either look for another Movie or Exit the search.

You can see my code here :

Thank you for reading and Happy Coding!

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