Discussion on: Know when to fold 'em

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Spyros Argalias

Yeah good points. Tools and features are there to help us, not get in our way. I've started having little patience for tools that detract from that and need too much configuration or googling for weird errors to get right. These days I always question "is the tool worth it for the trouble it provides"?

For example any ESLint rule that gets in my team's way 2 or 3 times, after discussion with my team that it's a false positive and the safety it provides is not significant, gets immediately disabled.

Something like Storybook however, even though setup takes a long time (one of the major downsides of it, in my opinion), was worth it. Same as some ESLint rules which can also be false positives sometimes, but are otherwise important.

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Jesse Skinner Author

Yeah exactly. Sometimes it's worth the effort and risk. Sometimes you should give up.