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Discussion on: GitHub Profile AMA

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Sara McCombs (she/her)

What is the most unique, most original thing you have seen on a readme thus far?

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Martin Woodward

Seen loads of creativity so far with people really making use of the feature to make their profile their own, but the single thing that I would never have thought of in a million years was ethomson and the way he used his GitHub commit graph to seed an area for Conways Game fo Life and then animated it as a gif.

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Brian Douglas Ask Me Anything • Edited

Jess's take on neopets is pretty cool and the most interactive I have seen yet -

This was also mentioned in this post, but worth mentioning again. I love the idea of an open-sourced Chess game -

I looking forward to playing with this SVG in markdown example, which is not a README but can be used to animate SVGs -