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re: I'm curious about how this will affect the UX; I feel it should affect it in some way. I don't really participate in the site to answer questions ...

Hi William, I want to make sure I understand your feedback. Are you saying you are unable to answer because you don't have enough points, or something else? Thanks for reading, the new UX is something we're thinking about a lot.


// , As part of a new UX, perhaps consider a set of good, worthwhile inquiries that in the StackOverflow site's format would die stillborn.

For instance, if I were to design an entirely new site and UX, to optimize for responses that are more useful to the asker, rather than to the general public, I wonder what that site would look like.

I haven't thought about it too much, but I guess it might cater more toward discussion, clarification, and Socratic dialogue than a Q&A site geared toward the value of future reference.

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