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I'm wonder how is the minimum guaranteed and compensated when your speed test depends on a 3rd party. The only way to 100% now what is your speed is to download/upload files from your ISPs servers and that is also not 100% concrete because the network could be fine but the host not. In other words, even if you found the dips manually or automated, doesn't your ISP have the best "get out of jail" free card in the world?

I'm not trying to undermine your effort I'm just wondering how does your ISP define minimum speed.


Hi Alex, that’s a great question.

I went and scanned the terms and conditions last night and the ISP have their own private speed test for their customers. It takes longer and is presumably logged on their end.

The result of their test matches the graph’s results.

My intentions with this project is for the graph to show me if I have any issues, and at what times, so that I can go and follow up in a more official manner.

I agree that they would not accept this graph as evidence.


This was niggling at me. Thanks for clarifying, and congratulations on a very cool project.


Admirable. If I understand correctly, does your isp publish their speed test results? Which country and ISP if in may ask? Is it a national regulation?

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