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Regression testing types

Manual and automated regression testing are both options for regression testing. However, because human testing is usually always time-constrained these days, automation is the best option. Regression Testing, like many other types of testing, can be carried out in a variety of methods. In this piece, we'll go through the many types of regression testing and how they might help with the overall quality assurance processes.

Testing for Corrective Regression

When there are no modifications to a product's specification, Corrective Regression Testing is commonly performed. It means that existing test cases can be easily repurposed to carry out the needed test.


This type of regression testing is time consuming and laborious. QA teams create a plan that includes testing all parts of a product while also allowing them to reuse test cases when no changes have been made.

Regression Testing with a Focus

Selective Regression Testing is used to determine the impact of new code added to an existing software code base. When this procedure is followed, a subset of the current test cases can be used to reduce the amount of time spent retesting and the number of resources necessary.

*Testing for Progressive Regression

Regression Over Time When certain changes are made to the programme specifications and new test cases are created, testing becomes more productive. The use of this type of testing assures that no features from the prior version have been damaged or harmed in the current version.

Regression Testing Is Complete

When various changes are being made to existing code, complete regression testing is recommended. Furthermore, it is a sort of testing that is carried out in particular when new changes have had a long-term impact on the software's underlying code.

In the long run, implementing this procedure during QA can be extremely useful to the product. The final system could be made available to users once this process is done.

Testing for Partial Regression

When new codes are added to old code, partial regression testing is used to test for problems. The goal of partial regression testing is to guarantee that a system continues to function properly after new code has been implemented.

Regression Testing on Individual Units

Regression by Units The most critical aspect of unit testing is testing. It is generally performed during isolation and focuses on unit codes. During testing, any other interactions will be abruptly barred.


Each sort of Regression Testing is necessary to assure that no previously working software functionality is harmed by new code. Regression Testing is best left to specialists because it is such a crucial aspect of QA. According to the current trend, businesses might collaborate with a stand-alone Software Testing firm. Sapizon Technologies is a leading software testing company.

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