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Hello Sanzeeb,

I am looking for a developer for my project - - helpdesk plugin for WP

Could you please check it. I hope it will be interesting for you to work with us! Can we have a short call?


What is the best way to organize the files that a plugin should have? and


Oh. I don't have much trouble with organizing files that a plugin should have. Generally, I will have
-> Plugin main file on root folder(which should be).
-> Dev files on root folder.
-> Assets folder containing plugin assets. Subfolders js, CSS, img and subfolder admin, frontend if only the plugin is large.
-> Languages folder for pot file.
-> Includes for all other files. Subfolders admin, templates, third-parties and any groupism if required.


My motivation in plugin development is all plugins hosted on .org have GPL license. It's so good to distribute and contribute. Set it all free.


how the WordPress ecosystem feels right now? headache?


Not really. WordPress ecosystem is made fairly easy. Everyone can cope with. Like let us make a site that is contributed by hundreds of developers. Any conflict in the code is sometimes a headache because you can't trust all other plugins or themes in your site.

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