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How good is using frameworks for beginners without digging deeper?

sanzeeb3_18 profile image Sanzeeb Aryal Updated on ・1 min read

Yes, software framework is easy to use. They breaks the complex looking codes to make it easy to use with single line and it's reusable. So, we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Instead of spending time planning your application's architecture and evaluating the various libraries available, you get to start from a fully functional template and build the feature to your application.

So, how good is for the beginners to use the frameworks without actually understanding the core?

My story: I have been using laravel and WordPress for a while. While I understand some extending base classes, I am not fully familiar with the core beside the modified functionality required for my web apps. Should I let it flow or am I doing wrong?

Thank You!

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Victor Hugo Avelar • Edited

Frameworks like Laravel are there for solving most of the "regular" or "normal" use cases, for this kind of solutions you don't need to dig deep into the code, you can just follow the amazing documentation and get going. As I said this applies for the general or common use case, but, at some point in your career if you're lucky, you are gonna reach the point in which you need to extend change or replace one of the core features for a solution that suits your business case and problem.

Symfony took a different path from v4 on, probably this article will help, it can bring a bit of light.

I've professional experience with Symfony and Laravel and in the end, we always end up changing some of the core features for our own bundles/packages which satisfies our business requirements.

It falls to the fact of how much control you wanna have if you ask me on where to start to really understand the core of Laravel go to illuminate/contracts and start checking the implementations.

BTW I also spend most of my first projects (that I actually charged money for) without understanding much of the things happening under the hood.

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Sanzeeb Aryal Author

Thanks for your explanation and sharing your views.

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Sanzeeb, if you have some time to spend, this post and the discussions that ensued last summer were epic:

My opinion (the TLDR; opinion) is that there's nothing wrong per se with using a framework as a beginner as long as you're interested at some point in learning what the framework is doing (which doesn't mean you should know everything)

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Sanzeeb Aryal Author

Thank you for sharing.