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My Home Office Setup

santoshyadav198613 profile image Santosh Yadav Updated on ・5 min read

Last year I started working on the home setup, which I never thought would become my home office one day.

I recently purchased a new Laptop for my Home Office Setup:

ASUS ZenBook Duo Pro Laptop:

  • The laptop comes with Dual Screen as visible in the image above. The second image is known as ScreenPad+. You can use it as a secondary screen. Also, it comes with an app to manage your apps. Looks like below Alt Text You can drag and drop all the applications to keep your desktop clean.
  • It also has the option to group multiple apps, and once you click on that group, they will start, e.g., I want VS code to open on the primary screen and on ScreenPad+ I want to open Terminal and my music app that can be done and you can add 4 shortcuts like that Alt Text Below, Gif shows how it works. You can open all apps you want to group and click capture. You can update that too. Alt Text
  • Swap screen: Yes, you can do that too. If you want the content from screen 1 to be shifted to screen 2 and vice versa, you need to select the below option Alt Text
  • Performance: I have been using it for a week and playing AOE (Age of Empire) a few times; no issues were found. Boot time is within seconds until there are no Windows updates.
  • RAM and Storage: I was lucky to get the 2nd generation 2020 build, which has improved a lot, especially the Thunderbolt port. It has 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB SSD storage.
  • Screen: It has 39.62cm(15.6") OLED 4K (3840 x 2160) 16:9 touchscreen, even scrennpad+ has the same resolution and touchscreen as well. It comes with an ASUS pen, if you are a fan of using it, added advantage.
  • Numpad + Touchpad: You might have noticed, there is no extra touchpad visible. The Numpad can be used as a touchpad; you can disable and enable the Numpad by pressing the key shown in the image. Alt Text
  • Cooling: While playing games and running VS code and multiple browsers, I can feel the heat coming from the laptop, but in this generation, cooling is improved. It takes really less time to cool down once I stop playing the game.

I will say this laptop is worth investing in. I love it so far.

Why I purchased it? Of course, I did a lot of research before buying this one. My other 2 options were Dell XPS 17 and Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Gen 2.
I purchased this one for one additional reason, I give talks and conduct sessions online, and now I can easily open the Terminal, code snippets on my secondary screen while presenting my talks or sessions. And it will be useful even once we have in-person conferences and meetups.

Laptop Stand

Amazon Basics products are pretty cool, and cheap so I went with AmazonBasics Ventilated Laptop Stand

Blue Snowball USB Microphone and Mic Stand:

I purchased my microphone last year, and I was short of budget and bought Blue snowball. The best thing about this mic is support from Blue Customer Care. I was having some hard time using it with Microsoft Teams, the support team offered to refund the money, of course, which I denied as I am happy with this Mic and for Teams call I can use my other headsets, but if I had the budget I would have purchased Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone
Alt Text

I am using SRK CLOUD S16 Professional Recording Microphone Stand though I had to do some hack to adjust with my mic. It serves the purpose.

Asus VZ249H 24-inch FHD Monitor

Alt Text

I started building my setup last year; as I mentioned, I decided to go with this 24-inch monitor and Full HD. Of course, due to budget constraint again, My first choice for a new monitor would be either HP EliteDisplay or any Dell UHD monitors, which are too costly or LG 29 inch Ultrawide Full HD

Keyboard and Mouse

I am like using a USB keyboard and mouse.

Logitech K230 Compact Wireless Keyboard

Logitech M590 Silent Wireless Mouse

The mouse is silent, and the keyboard does not make much sound, which is good to record videos.

Green Screen and Stand:

I needed a green screen to use Virtual background for my talks. I use StreamYard for streaming and use a background image.

Hanumex Green Backdrop

SONIA Photography Stand Kit

Cable Management

Once you have these many things, the biggest problem is you have a lot of cables visible. For cable management, I was using InstaNeat Cable Management Box, which I moved in my hall for other stuff, and currently using ORICO Cable Management Box


I tried many USB headphones, but none of them were good, I use
Sennheiser PC 8 Over-Ear USB VOIP Headphone just for the Audio Input


I need to add a good webcam, I am using Logitech B525, I am looking to buy DSLR and Elgato Cam Link for streaming. I run my Tech Channel https://www.youtube.com/TechTalksWithSantosh.


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gustavobmichel profile image
Gustavo Borges Michel

My first thought when seeing this laptop was having the terminal in that secondary window. It's good to see a real case scenario for it. One recommendation for windows: instead of using the normal terminal, I have been using the Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store. Game changer as you can customise different command lines (cmd, git bash, powershell, etc) and customise themes as well. I have been using the Preview version as it lets me open multiple apps on the same tab, rather than opening on different tabs. Thanks for your article!

santoshyadav198613 profile image
Santosh Yadav Author

That's awesome, I have installed Widows Terminal, just need to get comfortable using it 😅 will also see the how I can customer it 😊 any links you can share

gustavobmichel profile image
Gustavo Borges Michel

This is my config if you want to use. I started using this article to help me, but then I found other articles I can't recall at the time. But it is pretty flexible and you can customise shortcuts as well.

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santoshyadav198613 profile image
Santosh Yadav Author

Thank you look nice.

mattvb91 profile image
Matthias von Bargen

That secondary screen ontop of the keyboard for terminals is awesome!

santoshyadav198613 profile image
alekseiberezkin profile image
Aleksei Berezkin

Seems your keyboard is near the table edge, and there's no place for elbows...

santoshyadav198613 profile image
Santosh Yadav Author

There is an extra Discrete palm rest that is provided in the box, though I use a wireless keyboard.