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Santiago Arellano
Santiago Arellano

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Rise From The Ashes

We all had a rough 2020 and will most likely have a rough 2021, yeah not a very inspiring start right? I try to be a down to earth person and that sometimes can play against myself leading to negativity or lack of motivation. But, I am here to tell you that because you have a complicated beginning it does not mean it will always be that way.

It is my belief that we life hits us the worst it is when we grow in gigantic steps even though at the time we don't realize it. As we are going through the motion of time and facing challenges that drive us to our limits, we become stressed and can't wait till the rain passes, a lot of us really fall deep in a hole and have to struggle to climb out.

Once this is all over and we can look back with a different set of eyes, we may be even grateful that we had to go through such tough times because those lead to a greater purpose, a bigger picture that we do not yet understand. Surpassing a tough situation prepares you for the next and so on, without an end, we will always have to face mountains that's just life.

Since I can remember the phoenix is my favorite mythical creatures as it reflects what we go through as humans.
We must rise from the ashes, always, learn from the past, become stronger and smarter, no matter how hard we get hit, it can be a long process but we have to come back, we get to be better.

As a society and having so many ways of connections with each other, we have to rely on each other, help others, you may not change the world but you can change an individuals worlds with just some words or a minimal action. No one know what the future holds so why not try to make the effort to improve what we know we can.

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My Journey

I've been facing so many monsters in the last couple of years that took all my energy and at the present I'm exhausted with no expectations, it's like being just a body that works, eats, sleeps and repeat.

Absolutely no emotion or joy during the days, the longer you go on a status like this, the harder it is to snap out of it.

After having some deep conversations with very close people, it gave me the strength and will to change and improve my lifestyle, my mental and physical health.

Keep in mind this is just the beginning of a journey, everyday I put my energy into taking things differently and breaking the bad habits.

Finding activities that you enjoy is fundamental, playing a sport, going out for a drive, calling someone, you must feed yourself with things that bring you up, fill you gas tank a little everyday.

None of these are easy tasks but they have to be done for your own good, we have a choice everyday, we can either stay how we are or put efforts into evolving and growing, as humans we have unique capabilities and the fact that we don't take advantage of them for good is just a terrible thing.

I realize that this does not have much to do with coding but sometimes something different comes in handy. Thank you for reading and hope that it was worth your time.

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