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An Unexpected Journey

Yes, I realize I stole the title from The Hobbit, although in this case it justifies itself.

This October I started a boot camp hosted by Launch Code with the goal of learning how to become a developer.

Let me start by explaining that this was something unexpected (as the title says) for me, one day I received an email promoting the boot camp so I decided to sign up just because, no knowing if I would like it or I would be able to make it all the way to the end, which this is also yet to be seen but I feel pretty confident about it.

During this first month I had some ups and downs due to not having enough time or being hard for me to keep up with the pace of the course, regardless of this something in my mind clicked and at this point I was able to let go of my distractions and focus and devote 100% to the boot camp. Right now all I think about is coding and getting as far as I possibly can.

I do need to point out that this happened because of the great team leading the boot camp, constantly motivating us and helping with whatever we need, it certainly is unreal how a group of strangers can have such a drastic impact on someone's life.

To this present day, I am immersed in this journey and cannot think of anything else but to see the results in the future, my current goal is to become a great developer and help out, collaborate in the community as it was done for me.

Now for the fun part...

A few things I have learnt so far

Keep Pushing
I know it is a common piece of advice but so true. If you really want something then pursue it, grab it, take it, DO NOT stop even when it gets hard, once you break that limit within yourself, you will pass the next challenge and the next. This is all about looking back and reflecting what you have already overcome, so why would anything stop you now?

Ask For Help
This one is particularly hard for me because I do not like to ask for any type of assistance or help of any sort, so now I am forced to do it regardless I like it or not and if I didn't then I probably would not have made it this far.

Put In Your Time
Practice, research, watch videos, whatever it is you prefer but get into the field, anything that is related to what you're learning in better than anything else. It doesn't matter if it is something you already know, keeping your mind fresh with all that knowledge should be your ultimate goal.

Even if you are quiet and have a hard time speaking where there is too many people, no matter, push yourself out of the comfort zone, join in events, talk to strangers, ask questions, talk about life, engage in meet ups, I know it is not easy but there is a reward at the end of the road even if you can't see it yet.

I'll drop one of my favorite quotes that many probably know:
"Do or Do Not, There is No Try"

That's all I got for now, until next time and thanks for reading.

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JC Smiley

Bravo, fantastic blog post