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Top VS Code Extensions for Front-End Developers in 2022

Front-End Developers, if you are using VS Code as your IDE for your development, we have some great extensions to make your day-to-day life as programmers easier.

Here is the list of our favorite VS Code extensions, which we found to be incredibly useful.

  1. Prettier - Code formatter
  2. Project Dashboard
  3. React ProTypes Generate
  4. Tailwind CSS IntelliSense
  5. Turbo Console Log
  6. VSCode React Refactor 
  7. Package Json Upgrade
  8. Mintlify AI Doc Generator
  9. Material Icon Theme 
  10. Import Cost
  11. Image Preview 
  12. Git Graph 
  13. Color Highlight 
  14. Change Case 
  15. Better Comments
  16. Auto Rename Tag 
  17. Android iOS Emulator 


Prettier - Code formatter

Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.


Project Dashboard

VSCode Project Dashboard is a Visual Studio Code extension that lets you organize your projects in a speed-dial like manner. Pin your frequently visited folders, files, and SSH remotes onto a dashboard to access them quickly.

project dashboard


React PropTypes Generate

This is the VS Code's extension that automatically generates PropTypes code for React components, like ReactPropTypes in the Jetbrains's Platform. Also a command-line tool, you don’t have to be limited to use in vs code. If you want fully automatic PropTypes generation, You can also use it with lint-staged in your project.

react proptypes generator


Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Intelligent Tailwind CSS tooling for VS Code.



Turbo Console Log

Automating the process of writing meaningful log messages.

turbo console


VSCode React Refactor

Recompose your overgrown JSX without worrying about the given data.

vscode react refactor


Package Json Upgrade

Shows available updates in package.json. Offers quick actions to guide you in your updating. 

package json


Mintlify Doc Writer for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript,
C++, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby & more

AI-powered documentation writer for JavaScript, Python, Java, Typescript & all other languages.



Material Icon Theme

Material Design Icons for Visual Studio Code.

material icons


Import Cost

Display import/require package size in the editor.

Import Cost


Image preview

Shows an image preview in the gutter and on hover.

Image Preview


Git Graph

View a Git Graph of your repository, and perform Git actions from the graph.

git graph


Color Highlight

Highlight web colors in your editor.


Quickly change the case (camelCase, CONSTANT_CASE, snake_case, etc) of the current selection or current word.



Better Comments

Improve your code commenting by annotating with alerts, informational, TODOs, and more!

Better Comments


Auto Rename Tag

Auto rename paired HTML/XML tags.

auto rename


Android iOS Emulator

If you are a mobile developer, run the Android emulator and iOS simulator easily from vs code!

Android iOS Emulator

Thank you for reading all the way through.

Hope this post was useful to improve your Developer Journey !!

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