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[WIP] kill SQL injection

A short and quick way to kill SQL injection in your project with python and some regex...

# by d4rk3r

from re import search, sub

def kill_injected_sql(input_string: str) -> str:
    A hard killer for sql injection from an incoming string.

    input_string : str [the incoming not sure string]

    # keys from an actual sql synthax
    k_synthax = [
        "CREATE ", "DROP ", "UPDATE ",
        "INSERT ", "ALTER ", "DELETE ",
        "ATTACH ", "DETACH ", "BEGIN ",
        "CALL ", "COMMENT ", "COMMIT ",
        "COPY ", "DESCRIBE ", "EXPLAIN ",
        "GET ", "GRANT ", "LIST ", "MERGE ",
        "PUT ", "REMOVE ", "REVOKE ", "ROLLBACK ",
        "SET ", "SHOW ", "TRUNCATE ", "UNDROP ",
        "UNSET ", "UPDATE ", "USE ", "WITH ",
        "SELECT ", "ORDER BY ", "MERGE ", "EXEC ",
        "UNION "
    # to manage with lowercase string too
    k_synthax += list(map(lambda x: x.lower(), k_synthax))
    # The regex to detect that
    regex = f"^({'|'.join(k_synthax)}|EXEC(UTE){0,1}|INSERT( +INTO){0,1}|{'|'.join(k_synthax)}|UNION( +ALL){0,1})|(?=.*(?:{'|'.join(k_synthax)})).*$"
    if search(regex, input_string):
        # the patch
        return sub("[^0-9a-zA-Z]+", "_", input_string)

    return input_string

# Some examples
print(kill_injected_sql("SELECT * FROM TESTS"))
print(kill_injected_sql("create TABLE niangua (test integer);"))
print(kill_injected_sql("DROP DATABASE IMPORTANT;"))
print(kill_injected_sql("normal string"))
# expected outputs
# create_TABLE_niangua_test_integer_
# normal string

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Source Code :
My Github :

Have FUN !

Discussion (2)

darkain profile image
Vincent Milum Jr

Using deny-lists instead of allow-lists is not secure at all. This doesn't cover all SQL commands. On top of that, new syntax can easily bypass these checks. It is better to focus on properly handling data input in a secure way instead. Also, using your method would disrupt processing of normal human text. There are other issues here, too, as it looks like you're replacing non-alphanumerics with underscore, which would absolutely break non-english characters.

sanixdarker profile image
darker Author

I assume this is an overkilled function i made and it will not resolve all cases, and that's why am still improving it !