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Discussion on: Best Laptops for Software Development in 2021

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sanidz • Edited on

Thinkpads for Windows environment because of - quality, durability, customisation and ECC memory.
If you are on a budget buy refurbished t530 or t430.
If you want light small stuff, x1 carbon.
Dont care about the monies, want portability and casual gaming, x1 extreme with undervolting and repasting is the best choice.

Cons for other:

  1. macs with m1 dont support windows
  2. razer blade is expensive and could have issues
  3. Asus has quality issues - heat
  4. Surface has soldered ram & sensitive to dirt
  5. XPS - too aggresive heat and power throtling, charger cant charge fast enough
  6. MSI - same as asus