My journey to become a developer

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I dropped out of university when I was 20 without any degree or certification. Then I've hustled many jobs before decided to be a designer. In Vietnam, a designer could have a decent salary, but in Finland, all I got is the unemployment benefit.

I gave up designing. I then do anything, crawling from vegetable packaging to cutting salad. Last year I got a job in a kitchen, making sandwiches. I have to wake up at 3:00 AM, take a bus, reach the working place at 4:00 and hating myself over there until noon. One day I looked at the mirror and cried with myself, "What the fuck am I doing here?"

Then I started to learn to code. I found out NodeSchool, and attend almost every meetup they hosted until now. I also learned with freeCodeCamp, then Udemy, I tried to do some simple projects as well. I do everything after working time. I read books on the bus. I even turn on some programming podcast radio while I'm making sandwiches at work. It was the exhaust period, but at least I know what am I doing now. I know what to do.

I join every group that talks about programming, then one day, someone mentioned about Integrify. And listen to me, Integrify is so good that I can land a job even before I start to study with them. Just kidding, but there are two facts in here, Integrify is so good, undeniable. Second, you don't need to wait for anything, any school, any program, to get what you want.

I registered for the second program of Integrify, and instead of waiting, blaming them just like other people, I keep focusing on learning. And the result is, I signed the new job contract with Polku on the same day I received the invitation from Integrify.

Today I almost got two years of experience as a full-stack developer; I work mostly with Vue and React, my current company name is Sniffie, we are building a pricing automation platform, that aims to help e-commerce easier. My income is now higher than making sandwiches three times.

I want to say thank you to people behind NodeSchool, Integrify, especially Eyas and his friends, who gave me the inspiration to keep working hard on my dream, become a developer.

I don't have anything to show to you because I'm so new in this area, but I hope my story can help you a little bit. I'm 35 years old now, and I started to learn development last year. Everything can be archived if you try hard enough.

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Same here! I juggled a sales & call centre job before finally getting to tech. I know am a Remote Developer intern at a small company in California! Cheers!