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Discussion on: How to organize your components using the Atomic Design

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Giuseppe Sanfrancesco Author

Hi Jakub,
thank you for your comment: I really appreciate it!

I'm not saying that the Atomic Design is the panacea to all evils (it has some limits of course). What I wrote is that it can help you to think in reusable components way.

Let's say we have a `SubscriptionButton`, which opens a newsletter 
subscription modal - this is a lot of logic, so we'll put it to Organisms.

I think this approach is not correct: the SubscriptionButton shouldn't have any kind of logic, but it should have a trigger prop to be used for launching events (in your case opening a Modal).
The SubscriptionModal should be a different component and, using React, the best scenario could be something like:

<!-- A subscription form-->

I would put the logic part in the component which wrap both SubscriptionButton and SubscriptionModal.

const _handleModal = () => {
   this.setState( prevState => {
      return {
         subscriptionModalOpened: !prevState.subscriptionModalOpened,
} )

render() {
   const { subscriptionModalOpened } = this.state;

   return (
         { subscriptionModalOpened ? 
            <SubscriptionModal closeModal={ _handleModal } /> :
         <SubscriptionButton trigger={ _handleModal } />

What do you think? 🙂

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Jakub Sarnowski

I agree! I think that I didn't use a proper example for this 😄 I used Atomic Design in a project a few years ago and I forgot already about the specific cases where we struggled with using it.

I don't say it's a bad pattern, it just didn't work for me for some reason 😄

Oh, forgot to mention: your article is great!