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Discussion on: Toilet Keeper- Keep your toilet clean and keep your partner happy

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Santhosh Kumar D

Check your PayPal accounts, the prize money has been transfered!!

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@iron_samurai looks like they started to hit the transfer button in their PayPal app. I received my trophy money today.

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Precious Chicken

Me too. Money in my paypal account today, and my swag arrived earlier this week.

(NB - I didn't have any money left over on my voucher, I spent the lot and then paid a little bit extra out of my own pocket...).

Good luck on next hackathon...

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iron_samurai Author

Thank you guys. @just_moh_it @sandy_codes_py @fp @preciouschicken

I got a reply about the prize from DEV team! I finally got relieved though I couldn't receive the prize because of my fault. lol I didn't finish my identity verification and had the receiving limit.
I would receive the prize after the verification process ends or maybe use alternative transfer solution.

Anyway, I would be able to receive what I should get.

Again, thank you for everything. Without you sharing information, I would have been much more anxious.
See you in another hackathon! Happy hacking.

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iron_samurai Author

DEV team started sending the prize. Check your paypal account. Your prize would be there.
@marcobertelli @ikumen @xaviermignot @kithminiii @dev117uday

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Uday Yadav

yups, received this morning.

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