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an onsite gym or gym membership?
There is an onsite gym that we can use for a subsidized price.

cycle to work scheme where the subsidise the cost of the bike?
I think there is, but I also think it's mandatory in France. Anyway, it's a good thing. We also have lockers and showers.

health, life, travel insurance?
Indeed, we have those.

ergonomic workstations?
I'm not sure how ergonomic they are, but you can ask for adjustments (I use an elevated desk) and there people having footrests, etc.

healthy snacks and lunches?
Of course, with my wife, we cook great food! It aslo means that we have free food. The cantin is kinda okay and there is always some fish, there is a salad bar. And good beef!

financial advice or planning sessions?
I cannot recall any.

social clubs and activities for teams?
Yes, there are plenty of clubs.

opportunities to work from home or flexitime?
Yes, based on a management approval/agreement for up to two days per week. There is a new experiment about the possibilty of not working during school holidays at all for less money.

a day each year to give back to the community with a volunteer day?
I don't think we have in our site.

access to counselling for you or your family?
I think there is a possibility for that, I haven't used it though.

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