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Kubernetes for beginners

Before Jumping into Kubernetes, you need to have a good understanding in Docker. And you can checkout Here: Link

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes or K8S is an Open-Source Container Orchestration Tool which was originally developed by Google. It is useful for managing container applications in different deployment environments.

What are its uses?

  • It is useful for building microservice applications.
  • It is useful for managing n number of containers.

What are the benefits of K8S ?

  • It has high availability
  • It gives high performance
  • Flexibility for developing applications and its components with different stacks.
  • It is helpful for Backup/Restoring the data.

Kubernetes Components


  • Its smallest unit of K8S
  • Its useful for building one applicaton
  • Each Pod has its own IP address


  • It has Permanent IP Address
  • Lifecycle of Service and Pod are not connected
  • It is useful in Load Balancing


  • Its useful for hiding the IP Adrress and replacing it with Domain


  • It is useful for storing external configuration of the application.
  • The text is stored in plain text format, so for storing credentials we have Secret, which is a component in K8S.


  • It is used to store secret data.
  • The text is stored in base64 format.


  • It can be used in pod and can store in local machine.
  • Also, outside of the K8S cluster.


  • It is a blueprint for creating pods.


  • It is useful for building stateful applications or databases.
  • Its difficult to deploy Applications with StatefulSet.

Kubernetes Architecture:

Node Processes:

  • Each node has multiple pods.
  • Each node must be installed with 3 processes.
  • It acts like worker node to the actual network.
  • 3 processes are Kubelet, Kubeproxy, Container Runtime.
  • Kubelet interacts with both container and node
  • Kubelet starts the pod with a container inside.
  • Kubeproxy forwards the requests.

Master Processes:

  • There will be four processes running on every master node.

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