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What is User Interface(UI) and User experience(UE) ?

User Interface:

The UI stand for "User Interface". User Interface concerned with look a feel of a website and app etc. UI will make it delightful and enjoyable to use. User Interface is anything a user may interact with to use a digital services. User Interface design is the process designers use to build interface in software or computerize devices.Some various types are given:

  • Graphical User Interface: a computer program that enables a person to communicate with a computer the use of symbols, visual, metaphors, and pointing devices. It consists of the buttons user click on, text read,view images, sliders all the items user interacts with. Any sort of visual element, interaction, or animation must all be designed.

  • Voice User Interface: that allows the user interact with a system using through voice. It means no swiping on screen and no hand involved.Large tech Companies, such as Amazone, Apple, Google and Microsoft, have built advance voices assistants (Alexa, Siri) that interpret speech using natural processing language technology.

  • Menu-Base Interface: some operating systems are designed with a menu-bases user interface. Its provide users a range of command in menu or list from via drop-down or pull-down, full screen, or pop-up.

User Experience:

UX stands for "User Experience". User experience is concerned with creating with simple, useful and delightful experience for the app user. UX is how person feels especially in the context of a website, web application and digital technology. We are referring to how people interact with a product. For example when we want to turn on light in our room, we interact with a light switch. The design of the switch-including the color, materials and physical appearance impact on how we feel about the interaction.Three main types of user experience:

  • Researcher: user experience research is the systematic study of target users and their requirements, to add realistic contexts and insights to design processes. Some responsibilities are shown:
  • User Research

  • Testing

  • UX Methods

  • Analysis & Data

  • Strategists: UX strategy is the plan and approach for a digital product. UX strategy is the rationale behind a product and is a central part of the UX process. Some responsibilities are shown:
  • UX Vision & Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Product & Service Design
  • Coordinating UX related teams
  • Creators: as creators of content or design, Creators have to take user behavior into account, usually through close coordination with Researchers and Strategists, who will provide valuable insight. Some responsibilities are shown:
  • User Interface
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Copywriting & Content

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