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re: Ubuntu Linux with Gnome! I was on Windows but I changed to Linux because my windows installation got corrupted. I've been pleasantly surprised b...

Installed Ubuntu Budgie this week and it's pretty slick. :) You should give Budgie a try if you haven't!

But yeah Ubuntu has come a long way in usability since 12 or 14.

I'll definitely check it out! Thanks for the tip.

I've used Linux a little with raspberry pis and servers but it's new to me as a desktop environment and I don't see myself going back...

I mean if you're not using Windows for gaming or things like photoshop all the time there's not too much of a point unless your development targets Windows for whatever reason. I'm linux at home like 98% of the time. :D

Even for gaming I've found most things run pretty well! Steam for Linux & Proton seems to run almost everything I throw at it! I do still have my laptop dual-booted with windows 10; I occasionally have to build an electron app targeted for windows.

I haven't tried steam with proton yet. Maybe sometime next week! Gotta finish setting up the install I did on Monday! May actually re-reinstall it as I need to format all my disks and I'm not 100% sure if I can do that with the current partition on it. :P

I build Electron apps targeted for Windows on Fedora with wine installed. You may not need to dual boot, if that's all you go into Windows for.

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