WebGL point sprites, a tutorial

Sam Thorogood on February 06, 2019

Over the past few days, I've been experimenting with WebGL, which is OpenGL from your browser. Personally, I want to build something which lets me ... [Read Full]
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Very good, thank you.
A while a go, I have integrate these WebGL primitives from a php WordPress server.



The goal was to source coordinates and textures from the html page.

Let me know if you are interested by the source code


This was a great great tutorial. Thank you :)
I would like to understand why you create a buffer of 500 floats ?
Where is this buffer used in the program ?
And... please write some other WebGL tutorials.
(Sorry for my english.)


So the buffer is new Float32Array(1000);, it actually takes 1000 floats.

But since it's used to provide a vec2, an x,y vector, then it supports 500 sprites.

The "500" is just a random number. The demo will fail if you try to add more than 500 images. If you wanted to support any number of sprites, you'd have to create a new, larger array when the original ran out of space.

Also, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the article!


Understood. Thank you this explanation.


I'm definitely in for more OpenGL/WebGL!

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