re: Disable a HTML form while in-flight using fieldset VIEW POST

re: I usually just do pointer-events: none in CSS, that does the trick.

The tab key or alternative methods of access can trivially get "under" your block.


Sure, makes sense. But to me it’s mostly a style-thing, y’know? I check for repeated request with a nonce and stuff anyway, so if someone is uncles to really try to to that, I don’t care.

Unless, it might be bad for accessibility, now that I think of it :-/

Oh good. I mean you're dealing with a repeat submission issue your way, and that's great—that's the actual problem I want to help readers solve—but maybe do consider accessibility.

e.g. What happens if I use 'enter' to submit the form (which I find really awkward anyway) or 'space' if I'm focused on the button. I probably still have focus and could submit again.

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