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re: I know this will sound a bit like a stock question, but what's a typical day for you? Coding, creating talks, demos etc. or all the above?

Right now, it's wake up, change the baby, help my wife feed the baby, write a blog post to keep my sanity, ... repeat 🤣

But when I'm not on parental leave, that is about right. The days stretch a bit too: while Googlers can work 9-5, for a remote person, it's often useful to get up early or stay up late to dial in to some meetings where possible. I try to work from the office even though my local team in Sydney is mostly DevRel folks from other teams, too—like Chris Banes (Android) and Brett Morgan (Flutter), so while we socialize etc, our product goals are totally not aligned at all.

I think the flow for DevRel is: we have an idea, we shop it around our colleagues, we build a prototype/polyfill, and then go to building some developer artefact (talk, video, whatever we think is best), or put pressure on browser vendors to fix some hole. Demos like proxx, built by my colleagues Mariko and Surma, is a recent amazing example of that. DevRel honestly is an amazing job because I mostly get to be creative for a living.


Cool. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and my days right now also consist of watching game design talks from GDC's from previous years, because I find that interesting (and I have a naïve goal of writing video games while on leave).

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