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Discussion on: Tell me about a time you messed up

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Sam Myers

Fat-fingered a command and failed to read the diff carefully. Wiped out the authentication system for the Kubernetes cluster my team had spent weeks building.

Fortunately, everything was in Terraform, so we only lost a few hours of work and gained a lot of confidence in the reliability of what we were working on.

The experience made me really sit down and think about the nature of professional integrity. The incident occurred near the end of my work-day and I wanted to just pretend nothing had happened. Maybe my login just so happened to stop working at the exact same time I ran something stupid... It would have been so easy.

But I was the only one who had the logs to figure out how I'd screwed up. I made a full write-up on what I had done, what recovery steps I had attempted, and what our options were. I felt terrible about it and apologized to my coworkers and the client. No one was upset; shit happens.

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Wow! Great work! If I were your boss Iā€™d promote you for your work ethic alone; not to mention your honesty and courage. šŸ‘