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re: I feel like this should have been called "every web and app coder", not "every coder". Nearly all of these are web technologies... Or is this just ...

Andreas! Thanks for reading and yeah, fair comment. This post is definitely skewed to more web/app developers than lower level coders. I'd wager there are more of those, I guess?

I'd put a low level language in the toolkit too, such as C or Rust.

Based on feedback from this post (originally written quite some time ago) I think I'll probably do a V2/revised with that added :)

Appreciate the comment!


I'm actually mostly working on data science in Python. But also not using any of these tools. It's not necessarily the language, though yes, system languages are also important.
But writing Python doesn't necessarily mean doing web stuff. You could do medical imaging or self-driving cars or weather forecast, and write Python and not use any of these technologies.

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