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re: Your description of “engineering done right”, where engineers understand the whole of the problem in advance and evaluate multiple competing proofs...

Hey Charles, thansk for your awesome reply, some good points there.

You're right- what we're building is increasingly unknown in with agile software dev, and with startups and technology innovations in general. And your bank example is a classic story we've all heard too many times. However, I'd encourage readers not to just apply the above methodology not to whole projects, but any subtask, no matter how small. We do it all the time, Integer or Float here, Enum or String?, Right up to class, to package, to framework, to OS etc. I'd even argue (over a beer, my fingers only have so many key presses in them haha) that Agile looks like mini waterfall sometimes, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, agile is adaptable to the problem and the people.

I definitely think that my assertion of any preference is perhaps too strong of language, so I'll add some subtlety, I think it's strongly advised to proceed with caution when considering your preferences. Are they engineering reasons or other reasons. Engineering reasons are the best way of course :)

Thanks again for your time!

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