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Discussion on: How to create multi-step forms in React?

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Samet Mutevelli Author • Edited on

There might be two things that cause this:

  1. This tutorial is for version 2. So you probably installed the newer version but still following the old version's tutorial. In that case, simply provide your value for the input like this: value={props.getState('name', '')}
  2. You are using value={} for the input element. You shouldn't prefer this usage for the form element's value prop. This usage is meant for only after you know for sure that that form element received a value already. 4. step in the tutorial explains this. Also, if you downloaded the latest version 2.0.4 (check your package.json), please refer to the recent documentation on the GitHub readme file.

Feel free to reach out if you encounter problems further.

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Louie Miranda

Thank you. Yes, I think I followed the old versions tutorial. When I added "value={props.getState('name', '')}" it worked with no errors now. Again, thank you and nice work here.