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How to Report Per-Environment to the Cypress Dashboard

Let's imagine you have a Dev environment and a QA environment, both of which you want to test with the same Cypress code - and you want to send results to the Cypress Dashboard. You may have found that after creating your project in the Dashboard, you are instructed to include the projectId key in your cypress.json file. From your package.json, you might have some test scripts, let's say test and test:qa which will report to the Cypress Dashboard via the flags --record --key and then the long "Record Key" provided in the Cypress Dashboard.

Great, all well and good, but how can you report these two environments out separately to the dashboard, given that you must insert the short 6-character "Project ID" in your cypress.json file? If you try to set these as environmental variables, you'll get a warning that the key is missing from cypress.json and the tests will not report.

There are a few hacky ways to get around this, but the easiest way I've found is to simply insert CYPRESS_PROJECT_ID=abcdef into your test scripts before the cypress run keywords. This works as a consequence of variable expansion magic.

Note that if you take this approach and set up two separate projects in your Cypress Dashboard, you'll also have two Record Keys to work with, so you must make those unique in your test scripts.

Hopefully this saves you an afternoon of searching.

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