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IPsicon, simple icon and avatar generator

Thought I start with introducing IPsicon API to fellow devs. I built this for one of my own projects. is a simple API to generate icons, avatars and qr codes for your websites and apps.

Generate unique avatars for users
A simple http fetch request or an image source to will generate a unique image for the given name string.

Generate initials
Similar to generating icons for names, you can fetch or source initials via

Generate QR code for any data
Simply send a request to data.png

Always URL encode the string you are sending. This will ensure the images will work on all browsers. You can either use images directly in HTML or you can fetch using an http library.

This service is free to use and have a 99.99% availability. I have created IPsicon for one of my own projects so IPsicon is here to stay.

All suggestions or requests welcome!

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