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samarth bhadane
samarth bhadane

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day 3,

it's been 4 days, since I've started working on my website now. things have been going a lil slow than I expected but there's no compromise on the site's development part. I figured out the JavaScript part somehow, through the tutorials & stuff, but now I had to face the designing part, & I was lowkey waiting for that since I started building this site. CSS is easy, lovely & easy to learn for a beginner like me. I did some research onto CSS's types & the available options I had, & ended up choosing Flexbox.
Now, I know that Tailwind could've been an easier option & it has more demand as well & now that I think about it, I'm not sure why did I preferred Flexbox over Tailwind. But honestly, I don't regret it. I found it quite convenient to work with & I've no complains regarding Flexbox so far. also, I learned about W3Schools, which helped me with color gradients & stuff. now it's a necessity for me. I'll start working out on layouts a lil more now. till then, here's the work done till now.[the image]
*also i changed my theme... vscode looks good now.
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