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Discussion on: Why I don't think a Degree is Necessary to Become A Developer.

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100% with you on this, I skipped uni - and even dropped out of college as I found the BTEC in Software I was taking was so generic I could have done the software design in my sleep - hmmm how do I make a pizza shop their jazzed up TODO list "Pizza ordering app" with no Database/Persistence in Visual Basic 6 - sorry long time since college - while in my spare time I was already earning ~£1k a month by creating apps for android which had just been released and was offered a commision for toolstation - although unfortunately due to pressure from parents I tried and dropped out of A levels so didn't have the time needed to create what in those days would have earnt me up to £80k - biggest regret.
My first real job in IT was as a Senior Software Engineer (Literally I started as Senior)
Most businesses want to see something that stands out rather than the generic degrees everyone else has, most of which only teach the basics, my wife did a degree in software but can't write more than
int main() {
writeout("HI") // intentional invalid syntax and non-C standard lib function

However I am now self-employed and have had times where I feel there should be a core subject in enterprise & legal introduced at compulsory GCSE level to give people the option incase they don't want to do the same as everyone as there was a lot I was a little unprepared for when it came to learning laws, employment rules, bookkeeping, accounting etc.
Everyone learns different and it's about time the woke up-to that especially at a time we need more enterprise's made in the UK to replace all the services we offered the EU - my 2 pence not going to start a political flame war.

I may be on the hunt for a UX designer soon and if you don't have another job I would happily employ yourself or someone without a degree as often we haven't been trained to think inside of a box, or in the same manner as a lecturer.

this is not meant to be an attack on those who do choose to get a degree, its just not how I wanted to do it and everyone learns different

  • btw well snagged domain name!