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re: What was the moment you realized you weren’t such a newbie anymore? VIEW POST


started programming at 9 years old, selling games to friends at 11, arrested for hacking at 16 and I'm now 28 and I STILL feel like i'm a newbie, not in that I don't know how to program, although sometimes I'll look back on old - largely undocumented code from my teens and be like I could program that virus in pure NASM assembly, how? - but more that I am acutely aware that there is never a point you stop learning in our industry and if like I did, you leave a senior software engineer job to go and do ~1~ ended up as years of travelling the world firstly as a backpacker and then moving with my now wife to japan, and then after 3 years apparently ECMA has released their first update in 10 years and people are using javascript server side for their containerized micro-services - in docker (called docker toolbox before I went travelling i believe) and that facebook has gone and changed the License on what was your go to library, React making it now unusable if you want to ever be sucessful (I don't want to start a flame war with that, that's my view of the change, your welcome to disagree and I could well be wrong and they only added the right to take react out of your product if you became competition out of fear google might use their framework) and that angular had gone from 2 -> 6 but forgot to count a number in there somewhere and that small nice language you'd really liked, typescript, had matured. thats when I realised you will forever be a newbie at some area (its taken me almost a year of language hoppping,framework fliting - and fluttering 🙈- and now I feel like i am almost the container orchastrating devops sysadmin designer engineer manager that I need to be to go it alone in the world of businesss, just have to master advertising, financials, promotion and social media adverts allowing the best ROI - I created a bot when the API FIRST came out from facebook, all in python, which also had a CRM and took him from $10k a month to $25k+ in the first month of its launch and was given access to facebooks dev benifits program for bot creator as I was one of the first to build one - now everyone has one. oh not to mention the rise of the unikernel comming soon.

I'm not saying this is the same for everyone though, it was my own fault for taking time out of the fastest moving industry, its just even if I master brainf**k and can program WASM from octals while my virtual ipfs backed (working on it, if you have ipfs, will take you to the ipfs site, otherwise well, my cloud server takes a break for some weekends) I will always know theres more to learn and that there are people who know a whole lot more about those than me. my cups half full but i'm thirsty for knowledge i guess!

TLDR; probably best you didn't super boring.

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