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I'm completely new to GraphQL but what do you guys think about the use case of publish-subscribe model and using GraphQL as a replacement for something like Firebase where you can send realtime data to clients who have subscribed. Or Am I not getting this right?


GraphQL subscriptions are probably what you are looking for. howtographql.com/graphql-js/7-subs... might be a good resource to get started.


@saransh kataria, thanks for the suggestion. I did know that's what I was looking for. I guess what I was trying to find out was people's opinion on it vs using something like Firebase. Any ideas?

It depends on your use case. I have used Firebase for a small application and it worked great, but it fell short on complex queries and did not have a sophisticated permissions system. I might be wrong since I did not use it a lot, but those two things made it a no go for bigger applications for me.

Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

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