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re: Great one ! however in my last tries i found some bugs. I installed nodemon and when i modify the jsx component, the changes doesn't appear. I trie...

Thank you for your fast trying it!

I fixed the bug @react-ssr/express@0.2.4 and updated the example repo :)


hi ! It still don't work and i don't find what is working bad.. i also tried to introduce component inside of main component but he can't find module..

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I finally found that require.cache causes this bug.

I'll tackle the bugs later!

Fixed @react-ssr/express@0.2.6 :)

Thank you in advance!

I'll add the feature of HMR (hot module replacement) for the better developer exprerience!

Added the hot reloading feature as of @react-ssr/express@0.3.0!

Please check out updated example repository:


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