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Image description*Is it necessary to have a media agency to create ads for your business? *
_With the hyper-modern AI, you can create any number of advertisements in a few seconds from the comfort of your place. _Can't believe? Read Ahead!

Are you an entrepreneur with little or no money to spend on a marketing campaign or an agency to build you advertisements everyday? Are you an established business concern trying to launch new varieties every single day but can’t think out of the box or are too saturated with the current advertising designs and formats?

Over 150 million startups exist in the world at the moment. It is estimated that 50 million new startups emerge every year from different parts of the world, but only 10% are able to sustain themselves in the long run. The failure rate of startups is 90% globally. Most startups fail due to funding running out or lack of market demand for products.
But what really causes the failure of these startups?
1. Lack of Visibility:
With so many startups on the brink everyday trying to prove their mettle, you always have to stay on your feet with competitive marketing campaigns coming everyday to suit the occasion and the perspective of the target audience. This requires multiple features on different platforms, festivities and meme content flooded whilst promoting their brands.
2. Good Quality Content:
So many images and posters and taken from google and creators don't tend to use original vectors specific to their businesses. This causes copyright issues as well as lack of attention to the campaigns
3. Timings of Posts:
Marketing campaigns are supposed to be in the pipeline all throughout the season. An advertisement for each product, occasion, time, venue, platform, launch - there has to be a lot of time spent on these campaigns
4. Creativity:
With the havoc and timidness of creating campaigns every now and then, the advertising seems to get low on the score of creativity. Boredom and repetitiveness tends to creep in. There’s no fresh perspective to sell your business in a fashion that’s unique and attractive
5. No budget to hire a marketing agency:
Running low on budget seems to be the nature of all startups and marketing agency tends to be on the lasts of the lists.

So How Do We Resolve These Issues And Get Our Businesses Noticed?

Ever wondered how AI can help you advertise your business? With the emerging marketing needs of buzzing entrepreneurs, small businesses and even established businesses, a lot of AI generative marketing platforms help you create your advertisements and marketing campaigns in as less as 30 seconds of time frame! is one of the most promising platforms helping creators have all the tools they need to create a marketing campaign in one software. helps create content in 35+ languages with 90% accuracy with a wide global coverage and potential. The forum assists with advertisements and generates content with a few keywords given by the user. The taglines and the phrases are catchy enough to grasp the attention with the meaning and intent unchanged. The built-in generative AI helps one to re-fix the bad quality or pix-elated images by using attractive backgrounds and resizing techniques. No need to roam across platforms to convert the same into different dimensions for different social media platforms, download multiple versions of the same design in JPG/PNG/SGV formats to enable editing later. with a disruptive USP offers a promising marketing and promotion tool for the businesses across globe.

Go ahead and start a free trial now!

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