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094: Joys of Apex with James Simone

James Simone is a Senior Software Engineer here at Salesforce. He has done a lot of work around engineering for Agile teams which we are talking about today. Specifically, James and his team develop applications on the Salesforce platform with the goal of increasing the Agile health of software development teams.


James also has a blog called Joys of Apex which we are discussing in this episode. On his blog, he provides much-needed clarity for developers who are trying to work within Apex. Listen in to learn more about it and other great tips for working within Apex.


Show Highlights:

  • What James does in his position at Salesforce.
  • What made him want to write a blog about Apex.
  • What test-driven development is.
  • How James designs a failing test with no Apex to compare it to.
  • The benefits of using a mock system for testing.
  • Tips for making testing easier and quicker.
  • What inversion of control means and what it does.
  • What Invocable Apex is and how it works with Flow.
  • What a Singleton is and how it helps developers.
  • The benefits of using factory patterns.
  • How James and his team are keeping the joy in Apex.



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