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089: Snowfakery Data Generation with Paul Prescod

Paul Prescod is a performance engineer at He is also involved with a project called Snowfakery. This program is capable of creating complicated and unique data records for testing.


In this episode, Paul and I are talking about everything Snowfakery. We also get into some of his background, including his work with a company that created mobile games which motivated behavioral change. Listen in to hear about all this and more.


Show Highlights:


  • How Paul got into his role at
  • His impetus for building Snowfakery.
  • How complex data models are and why.
  • Where the name Snowfakery came from.
  • How Snowfakery works.
  • How much the program scales.
  • The outputs Snowfakery is capable of.
  • The benefits of Python.
  • How the developer community is involved with the creation of Snowfakery.



  1. Paul on Twitter:
  2. Paul on LinkedIn:
  3. Paul on Github:
  4. CumulusCI Trailblazer Group:
  5. Snowfakery Github Repo:
  6. Snowfakery Docs:
  7. Paul's blog post on Snowfakery:

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