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087: Trigger Actions Framework with Mitch Spano

Mitch Spano is an Application Engineer over at Google. After running into orgs with complex problems juggling automated processes and triggers,  Mitch created the Trigger Actions Framework project and that is what we are discussing today. We also get into some best practices for Apex, which Mitch is very experienced in learning and using.


In the episode, Mitch shares a fun story about how he got started writing computer programs just so he could make his math tests easier. From there he was forever hooked on the coding ecosystem. We’ll go into the use cases for the Trigger Actions Framework, how both developers and admins can adopt it, and what makes it tick.  Tune in to learn more.


Show Highlights:

  • Things that developers who are new to Salesforce should know.
  • The difference between an “object” in Salesforce and computer programming.
  • The first thing Mitch does when starting a Salesforce project.
  • The issues with using opportunity trigger handlers as solutions for automation and order of execution.
  • What the Trigger Actions Framework is.
  • The metadata structure of this framework.
  • How developers can replace what they’re doing with this new framework.
  • Advanced features the framework for controlling the flow of actions
  • Options for testing with this framework.
  • When you would use the feature within the framework that allows you to limit any further actions on an object.



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