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078: LWC and Apex Performance with Anil Jacob

Anil Jacob is a Principal Engineer here at Salesforce. He is on the Frontier Scale Team, a group that works with complicated customers who have lots of users, records, or both. They work with these customers to help them increase performance on various levels.


In this episode, Anil shares some of the tips and tricks he gives to his customers with all of us. Whether you’re a “complicated customer” or not, his insights will surely be helpful for you.


Show Highlights:

  • What a single-page application is and how it’s helpful.
  • What an acceptable page speed looks like.
  • How the number of components affect page performance.
  • The difference between list components and simpler components.
  • How to divide up your lists for faster rendering.
  • How to utilize pagination to speed up the DOM. 
  • The benefits of creating custom components for different personas or users.
  • What platform caches are and how they speed things up for large customers.
  • The difference between org and session cache.
  • Additional tips for designing Lightning Web Components.



  1. Anil on the Salesforce Developer Blog 
  2. Anil on LinkedIn
  3. Anil on Github
  4. Blog post on LWC Scale:
  5. Blog post on Platform Cache:
  6. Blog post on scaling data access:





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