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077: Architect Solution Jam with Gemma Blezard

Gemma Blezard is the CEO and founder of The Architect Club. In this episode, we leverage her extensive experience in crafting solutions for Salesforce as we go through a “solution jam” for a fictional company, based on her recent Cactusforce presentation.

We also detail her passion for helping others in the community, particularly with her involvement in Ladies Be Architects - a program which has helped people around the world ramp up their Salesforce skills. Tune in to hear how and why Gemma tackles complex business challenges with Salesforce.


Show Highlights:

  • How she transitioned from data analyst to architect.
  • What the Ladies Be Architects community is and what led her to start it.
  • How to practice Salesforce sustainability.
  • A solution jam for a fictional B2B company that is bleeding money.
  • When to address training, procedure, and communication needs before finding solutions.
  • How Salesforce can replace technologies like shared drives and spreadsheets.
  • The advantages of having a collaborative sales team.
  • Advice for architects who are approaching clients with problems.



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