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074: Developers & Admins with Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Bruce

Mike Gerholdt is the Senior Director of Admin Evangelism here at Salesforce. His voice may sound very familiar to you. Mike is one of the longest-running podcasters in the Salesforce community and currently hosts the Salesforce Admin Podcast. Aside from Mike, I will also be joined by Gillian Bruce, a Principal Admin Evangelist at Salesforce, and another host of the Salesforce Admin Podcast.


Though we usually hear from developers, today we’re bringing in the admins. The roles of developer and admin may be different, but there are a few places where they overlap. That is what we are talking about in this episode. Mike, Gillian, and I are discussing our shared experiences and perspectives.


Show Highlights:

  • How both Mike and Gillian got exposed to Salesforce.
  • Why neither of them has dived into learning code.
  • How the modern version of Flow helped Gillian figure it out.
  • How developers can get better about their blind spots.
  • The benefits of taking on aspects of and understanding the admin mindset.
  • How to analyze your available tools based on their pros and cons.
  • What admins have domain over that developers don’t.
  • Why we need both skills and mentors to become better at our jobs. 



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