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Discussion on: Stop Using React

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Gaurav Saini

Whoa, solid dialog you got there!

I also like react, it is very easy to get started with even for junior devs. But one reason that I don’t like react is that nowadays people don’t use it the way it was meant to be used. It’s small and loaded with features, but people are not satisfied with that. I see more and more people try to turn react into something it’s not. People hear about fancy buzz words and immediately jump on the bandwagon of things like dependency injection, service architecture, etc. when all they end up with is messy code and nothing else. I think it is a futile effort to turn React into something close to angular (being a backend dev this is closest analogy I can make), and I don’t remember how many times my suggestion “if you like the features so much why not use angular, you won’t come close to the quality with which things like these need to be implemented and still meet the deadlines” has been put down with the reason that angular is very big and slightly less popular than react (yes, that is an actual reason I had to hear)

I haven’t got anything against anything, but I cringe a lot when people use things not the intended way, apologies for the poor analogy but you can’t hammer a nail using a sword, this doesn’t mean that a sword is useless.

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