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Html Scan Chrome extension (Inspect and copy HTML)

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I just published a new chrome extension called Html Scan which helps to check the HTML code or text of any element and instantly copy its code with one click.

html scan

You can use for copying code in web pages with one click instead of selecting the whole code using the cursor and pressing the ctrl+c.

It also shows you currently rendered element tagName, height & width, font-family and font-size.

html scan copying code

Here is the extension Link : Html Scan

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This is awesome.

I just experiment on your side-profile box, and it copied the entire HTML elements and it's children.


Thanks manπŸš€πŸš€, please rate it on the chrome store.


Just used it. Great work with your extension! Keep adding more features!


Thanks vaibhav. Can you suggest some features?


You can have the HTML markup in the preview pane while hovering in a code highlight form or you can add to copy the CSS.

First i have added html markup in the preview panel but it is getting very large and not responsive so that I removed it.

In feature, i will add css also.