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How to Publish🙀 Your Own Theme In Visual Studio Code👍

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Are You Bored of Using Lazy themes which You don't like?

Don't Worry I'm showing you step by step How to Publish Your Own themes in Microsoft market Place.

First, we need to install Yocode generator

npm install -g yo generator-code

After yo code is installed

Now open the terminal and enter

yo code

Yo code shows a couple of options

yo code

  • Use arrow keys to select the New color theme

  • After New Color theme is selected there couple more options you see


  • Select start from fresh

  • Now choose Name of theme and etc..

After successfully created You can see a folder which is available on your disk

  • Open Folder With Vscode.
  • Hit F5 and start the Development process

Check out This Article clearly Explains the Development Process

== Once Your Done with Your Development ==

Now We need to Publish our theme in Vscode marketplace

For these, We need to install a Publishing Tool

npm install -g vsce . //for mac add sudo in front of npm

After Successfully installed Now open your developed Theme in vs code.

. Open Integrated terminal in vs code

vsce create-publisher (publisher name) 

. For example: vsce create-publisher saigowthamr

Now We need to create a Personal Access token.

Open this Url and Create Your account

Once Your Account is created

  • Select the Security Option Like I shown in the Above image.
  • After Check out these Post .

Once You Successfully Created Your Pat Token Copy and store it on your Pc.
Because It shows only once.

  • Now In your vs code terminal.
vsce login (publisher name) // we already created name 
  • It will ask for Pat token paste the token and hit enter.

  • Once You are Completed these Whole Journey.

  • Our final command publish.

vsce publish -p <token> // enter your pat token in token field

Successfully Published Your Own Theme. If you got any errors I'm here to help.

Check Out My Themes If you have time I have Couple

1.Black Gold
2.Newton Pro


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