Advice to the New Programmers👦

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Advice to the New Programmers.🏁

  • Don't think that you are not enough to compete.
  • No one has 100% clarity about everything.
  • Every one is zero at the time of starting.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Start slow and Strong.
  • Never Ever think Coding is for Clevers.
  • Make Mistakes and Learn from your mistakes.
  • Don't Learn Coding for the sake of Job


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  • Be aware that the only constant in the tech (& programming) world is change: be open to it, accept it, and don't look at it as some serious inconvenience to be fought!

  • Take pride in what you build, but be ready to have it replaced by someone or even yourself. Don't attach ego to your code.

  • When you're stuck, write your program on paper, then jump into the technical issues of syntax, languages, etc. Eh, it really works, and is almost kind of magic! 😄 When you don't have to think about syntax (...) you have more brain to solve the actual problem, I guess.

  • Even if you're just getting started, try to not only focus on coding itself but on all the necessary things around writing code, too: domain model, estimation, design collaboration, git flow, pull requests, deployment process, debugging (...). It may be hard, but if you can learn and practice some of them before entering the workforce, you can really hit the ground running!

  • Programming can also one of the most frustrating things you will ever do. Feeling frustrated is completely normal, and will probably never completely go away. As you get better, you'll just attack harder problems but have the same problem. Yet, no matter how frustrating your problems are, there is almost certainly a solution out there.

Lastly, just don't give up, and be less afraid. 🧡


In addition, I think this would be really important.

  • Take a break every now and then.

Relaxation keeps you healthy and sane. It can even help you debug your code! I can't be the only one who thought of a fix to my code while pooping or walking around the campus, right?

Also, don't forget about human relationships. They're important.

  • Get a mentor (someone who's been where you are right now and is successful)
  • Form a circle of work friends that you can go to for learning, venting and chatting
  • Ask for recommendations, test as many as you can but only follow the ones that worked. Keep asking again to those whose advice you keep following.
  • Document as much as you can
  • Do not forget to get things done


Don't Repeat Yourself.

If you need to repeat yourself at first to get the code working, that's fine! As soon as it's working, refactor it as best as you can. If the code still works, then you're doing it better :)


Re:(5) "Slow progress is still progress," is something I have to remind myself of every so often. I don't like "slow," and if I'm not careful I'll find myself getting frustrated at my pace.


You will never stop learning, but there is a "hump" and you will get over it.

  • Never give up
  • Embrace a 'no excuses, I am responsible' attitude

Also, if you can avoid it, don't compete :-P


Jump into networking with other local people in the industry as soon as you can. Those connections will grow with you and be invaluable.